Server Migration

We have a number of workflows to help perform different types of migration tasks, which help adjust where Posit Connect runs and where its data is stored. Do not combine these migration procedures. Each workflow should be performed separately.

Do not upgrade Connect while performing any of these migration tasks. Perform a software upgrade first, then begin your migration.

We strongly recommended that you back up your Connect data before following any of these workflows.

  1. SQLite to PostgreSQL

    Shift from the default SQLite database to PostgreSQL.

  2. Local file system to NFS

    Shift from using server-local storage to a networked file-system.

  3. Server-to-server (local storage)

    Shift from a single server or virtual machine (VM) to another, where Connect uses SQLite and its variable data is on server-local storage.

  4. Server-to-server (network storage)

    Shift to a new server or virtual machine (VM), where Connect uses PostgreSQL and its variable data is on a networked file-system.

  5. Server-to-Container

    Shift from a server or virtual machine (VM) into a container.