Publishing from Git Repositories

Git repository polling

To deploy content from a remote Git repository like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, set Posit Connect to track a particular branch and directory. Content requires a manifest file to be recognized as a deployable content type by Connect. Instructions on how to produce a manifest file can be found in the User Guide. Private repositories require GitCredential configuration. Once linked, Connect polls the repository for changes and automatically deploys updates.

For more information, see the Admin Guide: Git-Backed Content and User Guide: Git-Backed Content sections.

Programmatic deployment

To deploy content with CI/CD tools like Jenkins or GitHub Actions, utilize the Connect Server API endpoints to script each step of the process. A benefit of this method is the ability to add pre-deployment tests or automate actions that are otherwise be done manually in the Connect web interface such as setting environment variables, adding users or groups, and customizing runtime settings. The API endpoints can be called directly or through client packages like rsconnect-python or connnectapi.