Posit Connect User Guide

Version 2024.06.0


This guide provides an orientation to the Publisher and Viewer capabilities of Posit Connect. You can find documentation relevant to publishing, managing, scheduling, distributing, and accessing content hosted on Connect.

Posit Connect is a publishing platform that makes the delivery of data science content fast, approachable, and secure. Connect supports many of the most popular Python and R frameworks such as: Shiny, Dash, Streamlit, Bokeh, Quarto, R Markdown, Jupyter Notebook, FastAPI, Flask, Plumber, and more in one convenient place.

Data Science teams use Posit Connect to:

  • Securely share insights with decision makers.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks with code.
  • Distribute custom-built tools and solutions across teams.
  • Scale the execution of data-driven applications and APIs.

To learn more about using Posit Connect with your organization or to schedule a demo, please visit https://posit.co/products/enterprise/connect/.