Local Execution Installation & Configuration

Local installations of Posit Connect can be done manually, or using the Posit Connect Setup Assistant. The Setup Assistant provides a guided installation and is considered best practice for new installations.

This checklist guides you through the process of getting started with a local installation of Posit Connect:

  1. Install Python (optional)
  2. Install R (optional)
  3. Install Quarto (optional)
  4. Install TensorFlow Serving (optional)
  5. Install Posit Connect using the Setup Assistant or with a Manual installation
  6. Configure Server.Address *
  7. Configure Authentication *
  8. Restart Posit Connect
  9. Sign into Posit Connect
  10. Configure email sending *

Additionally, if you want to integrate with Posit Package Manager or Posit Cloud, then please refer to:


Items marked with an * are installed and initially configured using the Posit Connect Setup Assistant.