Posit Connect includes tools to help with troubleshooting common server issues.

Diagnostic Script

A diagnostic script is provided in /opt/rstudio-connect/scripts/ This script will gather information about the server, the Connect installation, and associated log files. You can run this script with this command, changing the output path as appropriate:

sudo /opt/rstudio-connect/scripts/ \

Review the contents of the output directory and feel free to sanitize any data you feel is sensitive.

Server Status Report

There is a Server Status Report tool within Posit Connect under the Administration tab. It performs additional tests of the running Connect server and its process execution environments. You can run tests and view or download test reports.

You can also schedule the internal checks to run periodically, by configuring:

  • Server.SelfTestOnStartup = true to run tests every time Posit Connect starts up, or
  • Server.SelfTestFrequency = 3d to run tests periodically (in this example, every 3 days)