Using a Custom Landing Page


It is possible to specify a custom landing page that your anonymous/logged-out users see when they visit Posit Connect.


Use the Server.LandingDir setting to specify a path to a directory containing a custom landing page. The directory cannot be inside Posit Connect’s installation directory (typically /opt/rstudio-connect).


When both Server.RootRedirect and Server.LandingDir are configured, unauthenticated users will only be able to see the custom Server.LandingDir by visiting the Server.DashboardPath (default: /connect). Visiting the dashboard’s root URL (/) will redirect users to the path configured by Server.RootRedirect. If the path located at Server.RootRedirect requires authentication, then the user will be prompted to log in to Connect.

Custom Landing Page Assets

Include all assets (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.) for your custom landing page in the directory you specified in the Server.LandingDir setting. Be sure to include an index.html, which will be served by default.


Posit Connect includes an example landing page in the /opt/rstudio-connect/examples/landing-page directory.

To begin customizing your landing page, copy the example landing directory to a location of your choice outside of the Posit Connect installation directory. For example:

cp -r /opt/rstudio-connect/examples/landing-page \

Then set Server.LandingDir to the location of your copy:

; /etc/rstudio-connect/rstudio-connect.gcfg
LandingDir = "/usr/local/share/posit-connect-customizations/landing-page"

Your custom landing page directory must be located outside of Posit Connect’s installation directory (typically /opt/rstudio-connect). Posit Connect will not start if Server.LandingDir points to a location under this directory, because these files may be overwritten when Posit Connect is updated.