Posit Connect Admin Guide

Version 2024.04.1


This guide helps administrators install, configure, and manage Posit Connect. Connect is a publishing platform that makes the delivery of data science content fast, approachable, and secure. Connect supports many of the most popular Python and R frameworks such as: Shiny, Dash, Streamlit, Bokeh, Quarto, R Markdown, Jupyter Notebook, FastAPI, Flask, Plumber, and more in one convenient place.

Data Science teams use Posit Connect to:

  • Securely share insights with decision makers.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks with code.
  • Distribute custom-built tools and solutions across teams.
  • Scale the execution of data-driven applications and APIs.

Posit Connect helps simplify the role of a system administrator by offering:

  • Detailed metrics for the server and the associated processes.
  • Logs for all processes spawned by Connect.
  • Secure deployments and interactions with artifacts using SSL/TLS.
  • Configuration options for high governance environments.

To learn more about using Posit Connect with your organization or to schedule a demo, please visit https://posit.co/products/enterprise/connect/.