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This Admin guide is for version 2023.12.0-13 of Posit Package Manager.

Package Manager organizes and centralizes data science packages across your team, department, or the entire organization.

Traditionally, packages enter the organization from a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

  • CRAN
  • PyPI
  • Bioconductor
  • GitHub
  • Internally developed package sources

Package Manager empowers users to access packages and reproduce environments while giving IT control and visibility into package use. This guide will help an administrator install and configure Package Manager on a managed server.

For minimum system requirements or installation information, see the Requirements page.

Posit Public Package Manager

Posit Public Package Manager is a free, hosted instance of Posit Package Manager. Posit does not provide professional support for the Posit Public Package Manager. If you have questions about the Posit Public Package Manager, please see this FAQ page, or post them in the Posit Community.

License Tiers#

The documentation applies to all license tiers of Posit Package Manager (Basic, Enhanced, Advanced), unless the section is specifically marked Enhanced or Advanced , in which case it only applies to the indicated tier(s).