Frequently Asked Questions in VS Code

Why does the Extensions Marketplace say “No extensions found”?

This is likely due to your server’s configuration. The marketplace can be disabled for specific users by configuring a global extensions directory to which users have read but not write access. This prevents extensions from appearing in the marketplace.

If you have administrative privileges and would like users to be able to manage their extensions, remove the extensions-dir argument from your /etc/rstudio/vscode.conf file and restart the server.

Why are there so many pop-ups in the corner?

VS Code provides information and warnings to the user through pop-ups in the lower-right corner of the screen. These pop-ups may come from VS Code, the Posit Workbench Extension, or third-party extensions. Users may see more of them on their first session launch or after installing a new extension. In general, this is the VS Code way of communicating non-urgent messages to users.

Why am I being warned that my domain is untrusted?

If SSL has not been configured in Posit Workbench, you may see the following warning when launching a VS Code session:

“code-server is being accessed over an insecure domain. Web views, the clipboard, and other functionality will not work as expected.”

These limitations occur due to browser restrictions in insecure environments and primarily affect copy/paste functionality. More information regarding the problem, workaround, and improvement plan are available on the code-server repository. Instructions for configuring SSL in Posit Workbench are available in the Administration Guide

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