Using Git with JupyterLab

Using the JupyterLab Git extension

JupyterLab sessions in Posit Workbench can utilize the JupyterLab Git extension to work with remote Git repositories, commit code, and more.

JupyterLab Git integration

From the terminal, run the python -m pip install --upgrade jupyterlab jupyterlab-git command to install the extension.


Depending on your Workbench architecture, you might need your administrator to install the extension for you, or globally for all users. Please contact your administrator and refer them to the instructions on installing jupyterlab-git with pip.

Using the terminal

Users can also work with Git via the terminal in JupyterLab. To open a terminal, click on File > New > Terminal. A terminal will open in a tab within JupyterLab.

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