Using Multiple Versions of R in RStudio Pro

Posit Workbench allows you to select from multiple versions of R installed on the server from within RStudio Pro. Access to multiple versions of R can be helpful for the following tasks:


Please contact your server administrator to install additional R versions on the server and refer them to the Installing R section of the Administration Guide.

You can select different R versions from the drop-down list at the top-right of the browser window.

R version selection menu in RStudio Pro

The drop-down menu will allow for the selection of the R version.

R version selection menu options in RStudio Pro

Each session will start with the R version specified as default by your server administrator. You can change the default R version for new sessions by changing the Global Options accessible from the top menubar under Tools.

Option to set the R version used for new sessions in RStudio Pro

In most cases, projects will be associated with only one version of R. By default, new sessions in projects will be restored to the last used R version. If you want to disable this feature, clear Restore last used R version for projects in the global options.


Server administrators can set default options and permissions around switching R versions. Contact your server administrator to change these defaults and refer them to the Configuring the Default Version of R section of the Administration Guide.

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