Keyboard Shortcuts

Some shortcuts may differ if non-default keybindings are selected (e.g., Emacs, Vim, or Sublime Text).

Command Palette

A command palette is a software affordance that gives instant, searchable access to all of a program’s commands. Command palettes have become a fixture of modern IDEs, and with good reason. They improve:

  • Keyboard accessibility; even commands that do not have keyboard shortcuts are easily invoked from the palette.

  • Speed; it is often much faster to invoke a command from the palette with a few quick keystrokes than to reach for the mouse or drill into a menu.

  • Discoverability; since the palette lists all the commands, it can be browsed to find a command for a task by name without trying to figure out which menu or toolbar might contain it.

All shortcuts can be accessed via the Command Palette:

Description Windows & Linux Mac
Show Command Palette Ctrl+Shift+P, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P (Firefox) Shift+Command+P

It’s also available on the Tools menu (Tools -> Show Command Palette).


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Toggle Screen Reader Support Alt+Shift+/ Ctrl+Option+/
Speak Text Editor Location Alt+Shift+1 Ctrl+Option+1
Focus Console Output Ctrl+` or Alt+Shift+2 Ctrl+` or Ctrl+Option+2
Toggle Tab Key Always Moves Focus Alt+Shift+[ Ctrl+Option+[
Focus Next Pane F6 F6
Focus Previous Pane Shift+F6 Shift+F6
Focus Main Toolbar Alt+Shift+Y Ctrl+Option+Y


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Move cursor to Console Ctrl+2 Ctrl+2
Clear console Ctrl+L Ctrl+L
Move cursor to beginning of line Home Command+Left
Move cursor to end of line End Command+Right
Navigate command history Up/Down Up/Down
Popup command history Ctrl+Up Command+Up
Interrupt currently executing command Esc Esc
Change working directory Ctrl+Shift+H Ctrl+Shift+H


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Go to File/Function Ctrl+. [period] Ctrl+. [period]
Move cursor to Source Editor Ctrl+1 Ctrl+1
Toggle document outline Ctrl+Shift+O Shift+Command+O
Toggle visual markdown editor Ctrl+Shift+F4 Ctrl+Shift+F4
New document (except on Chrome/Windows) Ctrl+Shift+N Shift+Command+N
New document (Chrome only) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N Option+Shift+Command+N
Open document Ctrl+O Command+O
Save active document Ctrl+S Command+S
Save all documents Ctrl+Alt+S Command+Option+S
Close active document (except on Chrome) Ctrl+W Command+W
Close active document (Chrome only) Ctrl+Alt+W Option+Command+W
Close all open documents Ctrl+Shift+W Shift+Command+W
Close other documents Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W Option+Shift+Command+W
Preview HTML (Markdown and HTML) Ctrl+Shift+K Shift+Command+K
Knit Document (knitr) Ctrl+Shift+K Shift+Command+K
Compile Notebook Ctrl+Shift+K Shift+Command+K
Compile PDF (TeX and Sweave) Ctrl+Shift+K Shift+Command+K
Insert chunk (Sweave and Knitr) Ctrl+Alt+I Option+Command+I
Insert code section Ctrl+Shift+R Shift+Command+R or Ctrl+Shift+R
Run current line/selection Ctrl+Enter Command+Return
Run current line/selection (retain cursor position) Alt+Enter Option+Return
Re-run previous region Ctrl+Alt+P Option+Command+P
Run current document Ctrl+Alt+R Option+Command+R
Run from document beginning to current line Ctrl+Alt+B Option+Command+B
Run from current line to document end Ctrl+Alt+E Option+Command+E
Run the current function definition Ctrl+Alt+F Option+Command+F
Run the current code section Ctrl+Alt+T Option+Command+T
Run previous Sweave/Rmd code Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P Option+Shift+Command+P
Run the current Sweave/Rmd chunk Ctrl+Alt+C Option+Command+C
Run the next Sweave/Rmd chunk Ctrl+Alt+N Option+Command+N
Source a file Ctrl+Alt+G Ctrl+Option+G
Source the current document Ctrl+Shift+S Shift+Command+S
Source the current document (with echo) Ctrl+Shift+Enter Shift+Command+Return
Send current line/selection to terminal Ctrl+Alt+Enter Option+Command+Return
Fold Selected Alt+L Option+Command+L
Unfold Selected Shift+Alt+L Option+Shift+Command+L
Fold All Alt+O Option+Command+O
Unfold All Shift+Alt+O Option+Shift+Command+O
Go to line Shift+Alt+G Option+Shift+Command+G
Jump to Shift+Alt+J Option+Shift+Command+J
Expand selection Ctrl+Shift+Up Ctrl+Option+Shift+Up
Shrink selection Ctrl+Shift+Down Ctrl+Option+Shift+Down
Next section Ctrl+PageDown Command+PageDown
Previous section Ctrl+PageUp Command+PageUp
Split into lines Ctrl+Alt+A Ctrl+Option+A
Edit lines from start Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A Ctrl+Option+Shift+A
Switch to tab Ctrl+Shift+. [period] Ctrl+Shift+. [period]
Previous tab Ctrl+F11 or Ctrl+Alt+Left Ctrl+F11 or Ctrl+Option+Left
Previous tab (desktop only) Ctrl+Shift+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Next tab Ctrl+F12 or Ctrl+Alt+Right Ctrl+F12 or Ctrl+Option+Right
Next tab (desktop only) Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab
First tab Ctrl+Shift+F11 or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left Ctrl+Shift+F11 or Ctrl+Option+Shift+Left
Last tab Ctrl+Shift+F12 or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right Ctrl+Shift+F12 or Ctrl+Option+Shift+Right
Navigate back Ctrl+F9 Command+F9
Navigate forward Ctrl+F10 Command+F10
Extract function from selection Ctrl+Alt+X Option+Command+X
Extract variable from selection Ctrl+Alt+V Option+Command+V
Reindent lines Ctrl+I Command+I
Comment/uncomment current line/selection Ctrl+Shift+C Shift+Command+C
Reflow Comment Ctrl+Shift+/ Ctrl+Shift+/
Reformat Selection Ctrl+Shift+A Shift+Command+A
Show Diagnostics for Current Project Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D Option+Shift+Command+D
Transpose Letters No shortcut Ctrl+T
Move Lines Up/Down Alt+Up/Down Option+Up or Down
Copy Lines Up/Down Shift+Alt+Up/Down Option+Command+Up or Down
Jump to Matching Brace/Paren Ctrl+P Ctrl+P
Expand to Matching Brace/Paren Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E Ctrl+Shift+E
Add Cursor Above Current Cursor Ctrl+Alt+Up Ctrl+Option+Up
Add Cursor Below Current Cursor Ctrl+Alt+Down Ctrl+Option+Down
Move Active Cursor Up Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up Ctrl+Option+Shift+Up
Move Active Cursor Down Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down Ctrl+Option+Shift+Down
Find and Replace Ctrl+F Command+F
Find Next Win: F3, Linux: Ctrl+G Command+G
Find Previous Win: Shift+F3, Linux: Ctrl+Shift+G Shift+Command+G
Use Selection for Find Ctrl+F3 Command+E
Replace and Find Ctrl+Shift+J Shift+Command+J
Find in Files Ctrl+Shift+F Shift+Command+F
Check Spelling F7 F7
Rename Symbol in Scope Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M Option+Shift+Command+M
Insert Roxygen Skeleton Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R Option+Shift+Command+R

Editing (Console and Source)

Description Windows & Linux Mac
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z Shift+Command+Z
Cut Ctrl+X Command+X
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Paste with Indent Ctrl+Shift+V Command+Shift+V
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Jump to Word Ctrl+Left/Right Option+Left or Right
Jump to Start/End Ctrl+Home/End or Ctrl+Up/Down Command+Up or Down
Delete Line Ctrl+D Command+D
Select Shift+[Arrow] Shift+[Arrow]
Select Word Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Option+Shift+Left or Right
Select to Line Start Alt+Shift+Left Shift+Command+Left
Select to Line End Alt+Shift+Right Shift+Command+Right
Select Page Up/Down Shift+PageUp/PageDown Shift+PageUp or PageDown
Select to Start/End Ctrl+Shift+Home/End or Shift+Alt+Up/Down Shift+Command+Up or Down
Delete Word Left Ctrl+Backspace Option+Backspace or Ctrl+Option+Backspace
Delete Word Right No shortcut Option+Delete
Delete to Line End No shortcut Ctrl+K
Delete to Line Start No shortcut Option+Backspace
Indent Tab (at beginning of line) Tab (at beginning of line)
Outdent Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Yank line up to cursor Ctrl+U Ctrl+U
Yank line after cursor Ctrl+K Ctrl+K
Insert currently yanked text Ctrl+Y Ctrl+Y
Insert assignment operator Alt+- Option+-
Insert pipe operator Ctrl+Shift+M Shift+Command+M
Show help for function at cursor F1 F1
Show source code for function at cursor F2 F2
Find usages for symbol at cursor (C++) Ctrl+Alt+U Option+Command+U

Completions (Console and Source)

Description Windows & Linux Mac
Attempt completion Tab or Ctrl+Space Tab or Command+Space
Navigate candidates Up/Down Up or Down
Accept selected candidate Enter, Tab, or Right Return, Tab, or Right
Dismiss completion popup Esc Esc


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Move focus to Source Editor Ctrl+1 Ctrl+1
Zoom Source Editor Ctrl+Shift+1 Ctrl+Shift+1
Move focus to Console Ctrl+2 Ctrl+2
Zoom Console Ctrl+Shift+2 Ctrl+Shift+2
Move focus to Help Ctrl+3 Ctrl+3
Zoom Help Ctrl+Shift+3 Ctrl+Shift+3
Move Focus to Terminal Alt+Shift+M Option+Shift+M
Show History Ctrl+4 Ctrl+4
Zoom History Ctrl+Shift+4 Ctrl+Shift+4
Show Files Ctrl+5 Ctrl+5
Zoom Files Ctrl+Shift+5 Ctrl+Shift+5
Show Plots Ctrl+6 Ctrl+6
Zoom Plots Ctrl+Shift+6 Ctrl+Shift+6
Show Packages Ctrl+7 Ctrl+7
Zoom Packages Ctrl+Shift+7 Ctrl+Shift+7
Show Environment Ctrl+8 Ctrl+8
Zoom Environment Ctrl+Shift+8 Ctrl+Shift+8
Show Viewer Ctrl+9 Ctrl+9
Zoom Viewer Ctrl+Shift+9 Ctrl+Shift+9
Show Git/SVN Ctrl+F1 Command+F1
Zoom Git/SVN Ctrl+Shift+F1 Ctrl+Shift+F1
Show Build Ctrl+F2 Command+F2
Zoom Build Ctrl+Shift+F2 Ctrl+Shift+F2
Show Connections Ctrl+F5 No shortcut
Zoom Connections Ctrl+Shift+F5 Ctrl+Shift+F5
Zoom Tutorial Ctrl+Shift+F6 Ctrl+Shift+F6
Show Find in Files Results Ctrl+F6 Command+F6
Sync Editor & PDF Preview Ctrl+F8 Command+F8
Zoom left column Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 Ctrl+Option+Shift+F12
Zoom right column Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F11 Ctrl+Option+Shift+F11
Show all panes Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 Ctrl+Alt+0
Add source column Ctrl+F7 Command+F7
Global Options No shortcut Command+, [comma] (Chrome, Desktop) Option+Command+, [comma] (Safari, Firefox)
Project Options No shortcut Shift+Command+, [comma]


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Show Command Palette Ctrl+Shift+P, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P (Firefox) Shift+Command+P
Show Keyboard Shortcut Reference Alt+Shift+K Option+Shift+K
Search R Help Ctrl+Alt+F1 Ctrl+Option+F1
Find in Help Topic Ctrl+F Command+F
Previous Help Topic Shift+Alt+F2 Option+Shift+F2
Next Help Topic Shift+Alt+F3 Option+Shift+F3


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Install and Restart Ctrl+Shift+B Shift+Command+B
Load All (devtools) Ctrl+Shift+L Shift+Command+L
Test Package (Desktop) Ctrl+Shift+T Shift+Command+T
Test Package (Web) Ctrl+Alt+F7 Option+Command+F7
Check Package Ctrl+Shift+E Shift+Command+E
Document Package Ctrl+Shift+D Shift+Command+D


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Toggle Breakpoint Shift+F9 Shift+F9
Execute Next Line F10 F10
Step Into Function Shift+F4 Shift+F4
Finish Function/Loop Shift+F7 Shift+F7
Continue Shift+F5 Shift+F5
Stop Debugging Shift+F8 Shift+F8


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Previous plot Ctrl+Alt+F11 or Ctrl+Shift+PageUp Option+Command+F11 or Shift+Command+PageUp
Next plot Ctrl+Alt+F12 or Ctrl+Shift+PageDown Option+Command+F12 or Shift+Command+PageDown


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Diff active source document Ctrl+Alt+D Ctrl+Option+D
Commit changes Ctrl+Alt+M Ctrl+Option+M
Scroll diff view Ctrl+Up/Down Ctrl+Up or Down
Stage/Unstage (Git) Spacebar Spacebar
Stage/Unstage and move to next (Git) Enter Return


Description Windows & Linux Mac
Quit Session (desktop only) Ctrl+Q Command+Q
Restart R Session Ctrl+Shift+F10 Shift+Command+0


Description Windows & Linux Mac
New Terminal Shift+Alt+R Option+Shift+R
Move Focus to Terminal Shift+Alt+M Option+Shift+M
Previous Terminal Shift+Alt+F11 Option+Shift+F11
Next Terminal Shift+Alt+F12 Option+Shift+F12
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