Extending evaluations

If you are unable to complete your evaluation of Posit Workbench during the initial evaluation period, contact your Customer Success Representative or Posit Sales () to speak about your evaluation process and how we may be able to help with the remaining items you need to test.

Once you have the key, supply it to Posit Workbench using the extend-evaluation command.

$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager extend-evaluation <key>

If you are performing the evaluation on a physical machine (not on virtualized hardware or containers) without a network connection, you may also request an offline evaluation extension key, which does not require an internet connection. This key may be supplied to Posit Workbench as follows:

$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager extend-evaluation-offline <key>

Note that offline evaluation extension keys are valid only on machines which do not have Internet access and are not virtualized. For most offline evaluation extensions, you will need to generate an offline evaluation request (see below for details).

Connectivity requirements

Beginning evaluations

Generally speaking, there are no network requirements during the evaluation period. Inside virtual machines or sandboxes (such as Docker), however, Internet access is required to begin the evaluation period.

If you have a proxy, you can supply it using the --proxy argument as described in Proxy servers. If however you have no means of connecting to the Internet from inside the virtual environment, you can begin the evaluation as follows:

$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager begin-evaluation-request

Executing this command will print an offline activation request to the terminal which you should copy and paste and then send to Posit Support (). You will receive a reply with a file attachment that can be used to begin the evaluation offline as follows:

$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager begin-evaluation-offline <evaluation-file>

Extending evaluations

You may extend evaluations offline using the same pattern described above (just use extend-evaluation-request and extend-evaluation-offline):

$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager extend-evaluation-request

Then, when you’ve received the evaluation file:

$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager extend-evaluation-offline <evaluation-file>