License Management



Posit Workbench uses a built-in license management system:

  • A license controls the number of users that can connect to Workbench.
  • Activation of the Job Launcher feature and the number of concurrent sessions that can be run.
  • Additionally, the license server supports named users as well as floating licenses.

Product tiers

Product tiers have been introduced for Workbench, called, Basic, Enhanced, and Advanced. These tiers include different features, number of server activations, and pricing than our current product tiers (currently called Base, Standard, and Enterprise).

Prior to a renewal in 2024, you will be unaffected by any packaging changes. Every renewal will receive a new license in 2024 that corresponds to a new product tier. This means you will continue to have full access to all of the features according to your existing license.

Product tier badges:

  • Feature documentation without a product tier badge label is part of the Basic tier.
  • Features that require elevated product tiers are labeled Enhanced and or Advanced:
    • All features that are available with the Enhanced tier are also available for Advanced tier holders, so those features are labeled with both.
    • Advanced tier product features are only accessible with the purchase of the Advanced tier.

How do I check the status of my current license?

To check the status of your current license, use the license status command.