Session Storage

Session Storage

Preview feature

This feature is in preview. Preview features are unsupported and may face breaking changes in a future release. Any issues found in the feature will be addressed during the regular release schedule; they will not result in immediate patches or hotfixes.

We encourage customers to try these features and we welcome any feedback via Posit Support, but we recommend that the feature not be used in production until it is in general availability (i.e., officially released as a full feature). To provide feedback, please email your Posit Customer Success representative or and specify that you are trialing this feature.

Posit Workbench needs to be able to find information about active sessions in order to correctly display that information to the user. By default this information is saved on the file system under the user’s home directory. Posit Workbench can be configured to store the information in the internal database by adding the following configuration option:


In order to ensure that no unexpected behavior occurs, we recommend that the following procedure is followed: 1. All users fully quit their sessions. 2. Stop Posit Workbench using sudo rstudio-server stop. 3. Add session-use-file-storage=0 to /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf. 4. Start Posit Workbench using sudo rstudio-server start.

Networking considerations

Some of the information that is saved is written by the RStudio Pro Session process. The RStudio Pro Session processes do not have direct access to the database, so they will send the information to the Posit Workbench server process over a network call. For sessions started through the Launcher the launcher-sessions-callback-address must be correctly configured. For more information on configuring the launcher-sessions-callback-address see the Server options section of the Launcher Configuration chapter.