Upgrade RStudio Server to Workbench


These instructions describe how to upgrade RStudio Server (Open Source) to Posit Workbench.

If you currently have RStudio Server Open Source installed and want to upgrade to Posit Workbench, the process is very simple. You can do so with no worries about your current settings, configuration or files for RStudio Server.

  1. Stop the current version of RStudio Server:

    sudo rstudio-server stop
  2. Remove the current version of RStudio Server using your package manager:

    sudo apt-get remove rstudio-server


    sudo yum remove rstudio-server
  3. Download the appropriate package for RStudio Workbench and install it using your package manager:

    sudo gdebi <rstudio-server-package.deb>


    sudo yum install --nogpgcheck <rstudio-server-package.rpm>

Your configuration and settings remain unchanged from the open-source version, so we recommend modifying your configuration to take advantage of the enhanced features and settings of Posit Workbench.

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