Source Versions

You can view previous versions of content bundles in Posit Connect using the Source Versions tool.

Connect creates a content bundle when content is published. This bundle contains the source code and data necessary to execute the content. Old bundles are retained until you reach the upper limit imposed by Applications.BundleRetentionLimit, at which point older bundles are deleted.

To access content bundle source versions, select the More button (indicated by an ellipsis in a circle), and then click Source Versions.

**Source Versions** selection in **More** menu.

A Source Versions window opens and displays a list of all available content bundles.

For more information about managing content, see the Content Management section of the Posit Connect Admin Guide.

Changing an active bundle

Content owners and collaborators can delete, download, activate, and view activation logs for their content bundles. Activating a different bundle is a way of rolling back or rolling forward to an older or newer version of your content.

**Source Versions** selection in **More** menu.

  • For interactive applications

    Activating an alternate bundle causes new incoming users to be directed to the new version of the application. Existing users of the application who are viewing the previously activated bundle are not interrupted.

  • For APIs

    Activating an alternate bundle causes new requests to be serviced by new processes running the new code. Existing requests are serviced by processes already launched running the old code.

  • For documents

    Activating an alternate bundle immediately renders the newly activated bundle and promotes it to be the authoritative version of that document. For parameterized documents, only the default variant is re-rendered. Other instances of the report are not automatically regenerated, but the next manual or scheduled update is performed on the newly selected bundle.