Publishing with Posit Connect

This section describes how to publish content with Posit Connect. Connect integrates with a variety of data science tools to allow you to publish, share, and collaborate on your content.

Publishing requires a Publisher or Administrator role within Connect. If you do not have at least a Publisher role, you can request permission to publish your own content via the link under Info on the Content page.

Link to request Publisher permissions.

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Collaborating on published content

Some data products have multiple authors and collaborators who are responsible for managing the content deployed to Connect and working together together on code as well as on the published data product. We recommend using a version control tool like Git to coordinate collaboration across multiple users.

To let multiple users maintain and update a single piece of content on Connect, all users should be listed as collaborators on the content.

Connect content showing multiple collaborators.

When content is published to Connect for the first time, a folder named rsconnect is created in your content’s directory.

The rsconnect folder should be added to and tracked by version control, as it does not contain any private or secure information. The folder contains information about the Connect server to which the content has been deployed, including the server and content URLs. This allows content to be published to the same destination in the future, updating that published copy in place.

Once this folder is tracked in version control, a collaborator can clone or check out the code to their development system and make whatever changes or improvements are necessary. During the publishing process, Connect checks that the authenticated user has collaborator access for this piece of content.

Keep in mind that package environments might be different on each developer’s computer. The original author and a collaborator might be using different computers, operating systems, or Python or R versions with different package versions installed. Connect attempts to reproduce the environment of whoever is publishing the content. Keeping developer environments in sync is not a problem solved by Connect. Posit Workbench address this problem more directly.


Some applications that appear locally may have problems when running on Connect. We recommend first checking your application logs for any errors in your application. You can check your logs in the Posit Connect dashboard, under the Logs section for your deployed content. For more information, see the Troubleshooting Publishing Issues section.