Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc.

Content authored using Quarto can be published to Posit Connect. Quarto must be installed on your system and configured in Posit Connect prior to its use. Contact your Posit Connect administrator if Quarto support is not available. Information about setting up Quarto in Posit Connect is available in the Quarto chapter of the Admin Guide

For information about authoring Quarto content, see the Quarto Guide.

Publishing Quarto Content

There are multiple ways to publish Quarto content to Posit Connect. See the linked documentation for each method for more on how to use it to publish Quarto content.

Tool Method Supported Runtimes
RStudio IDE Push-button publishing knitr, jupyter
The quarto CLI quarto publish connect knitr, jupyter
The quarto R package quarto_publish_[site|app|doc]() knitr, jupyter
The rsconnect R package deployApp(quarto = QUARTO_PATH),
writeManifest(quarto = QUARTO_PATH)
knitr, jupyter
The rsconnect-python CLI rsconnect deploy quarto,
rsconnect write-manifest quarto
The rsconnect-python CLI rsconnect deploy manifest knitr, jupyter

If your Quarto content contains R code, you cannot use the rsconnect-python CLI’s rsconnect deploy quarto function. You can still use rsconnect deploy manifest to deploy content for which a manifest has already been generated.

Quarto Feature Support

Quarto content supports executable code in multiple languages, and supports interactivity through a number of technologies.

Posit Connect supports most of Quarto’s capabilities, including:

Posit Connect doesn’t support the following Quarto capabilities:

Quarto Project Profiles

Quarto project profiles let your content adapt to different scenarios. For example:

  • Your development data sources may be different from the ones available in your deployed environment.

  • You may want to produce different versions from the same source code (e.g. including additional diagnostic information during development).


Quarto v1.2 adds support for project profiles. Older versions of Quarto will not automatically receive a value for QUARTO_PROFILE.

Posit Connect configures the QUARTO_PROFILE environment variable when running Quarto content, which informs Quarto which profile is in use. By default, the value “connect” is used; your Connect installation may override this default.

Add QUARTO_PROFILE as a custom environment variable for your content if you need to use a different profile from the server default.


Some installations may not allow overriding QUARTO_PROFILE; attempts to set a value for QUARTO_PROFILE will fail when this is the case.