Publishing R or Other Content

You can deploy other content that has an existing Posit Connect manifest.json file. For example, if you download and unpack a source bundle from Connect, you can deploy the resulting directory. The options are similar to notebook or API/application deployment. See rsconnect deploy manifest --help for details.

Here is an example of the rsconnect deploy manifest command:

rsconnect deploy manifest /path/to/manifest.json

In this case, the existing content is deployed as-is. Python environment inspection and notebook pre-rendering, if needed, are assumed to be done already and represented in the manifest.

The argument to rsconnect deploy manifest can also be a directory so long as that directory contains a manifest.json file.

Creating a manifest file

If you have R content but don’t have a manifest.json file, you can use the rsconnect R package to create a manifest. See the help for the rsconnect::writeManifest() R function:


For Quarto content, see also the section on publishing Quarto content from R.