Install Quarto

How to install Quarto on a Linux server.

These instructions describe how to install Quarto on a Linux server. Find all available Quarto versions on the Quarto downloads page.

What is Quarto?

Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc, and allows users to create dynamic content with Python, R, Julia, and Observable. Additional information about Quarto is available at

Specify Quarto version

Review the list of available Quarto versions on the release page.

Now, set the QUARTO_VERSION environment variable to the version number you wish to install:

export QUARTO_VERSION="1.5.54"

Download and install Quarto

Download and install the version of Quarto specified in QUARTO_VERSION:

sudo mkdir -p /opt/quarto/${QUARTO_VERSION}

sudo curl -o quarto.tar.gz -L \

sudo tar -zxvf quarto.tar.gz \
    -C "/opt/quarto/${QUARTO_VERSION}" \
sudo rm quarto.tar.gz

Verify Quarto installation

Verify that your Quarto installation was successful:

/opt/quarto/"${QUARTO_VERSION}"/bin/quarto check

(Optional) Install multiple versions of Quarto

To install multiple versions of Quarto on the same server, repeat the steps above, setting QUARTO_VERSION to a different version number each time.


  • Places different versions of Quarto in parallel folders.
  • Allows you to support multiple Quarto versions in some of Posit’s professional products.

Additional resources

Configuring Quarto with Connect

Installing Quarto on your system before configuring Connect to allow support for Quarto content is required. Complete the installation procedures above and then review the following sections of the Posit Connect Admin Guide:

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