This site is archived

Posit Connect support for off-host content execution has entered General Availability (GA).
Documentation about off-host execution is now included in the Connect Admin Guide.
The instructions presented here were associated with the off-host execution beta and are now obsolete.


Off-Host Execution on Kubernetes


Posit Connect has experimental support for a “remote” execution model in which environments are built and content is executed in containers using Kubernetes. The choice to leverage container-based infrastructure may ease management of resource constraints and server costs, maximize process isolation, improve reproducibility, and simplify the maintenance of R and Python environments and system dependencies.

In Posit Connect’s native “local” execution model, the Connect application service and all published content execute on the same host. When using remote execution with Kubernetes, published content is executed in a remote container; completely isolated from the Posit Connect service. For more detail on the available execution models, see the Architecture Overview.


Posit strongly recommends deploying the Posit Connect service as a container on Kubernetes when off-host content execution is enabled. The Posit Connect Helm chart is the recommended way to accomplish this. The instructions contained within this document are focused on this topology and deployment methodology.

For help with any other topology or deployment options, please contact your Posit Customer Success Representative and request an architecture review session with Posit Solutions Engineering.