============================================================================= Simba Oracle ODBC Driver Release Notes =============================================================================

The release notes provide details of enhancements, features, and known issues in Simba Oracle ODBC Driver 1.1.6, as well as the version history.

1.1.6 =======================================================================

Released 2017-09-26

Enhancements & New Features

  • Prefixes for log file names

    You can now configure the driver to add a prefix to log file names. The prefix includes the user name associated with the connection and the process ID of the application through which the connection is made. To enable this feature, set the UseLogPrefix connection property to 1. For more information, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Known Issues The following are known issues that you may encounter due to limitations in the data source, the driver, or an application.

  • When converting extremely large values to SQL_FLOAT (9.99999999999999e+125 or greater) the driver might stop responding.

Version History =============================================================

1.1.5 ———————————————————————–

Released 2017-09-01

Enhancements & New Features

  • New Table Types

    The driver will now recognize TABLE, SYSTEM TABLE, and GLOBAL TEMPORARY table types.

1.1.4 ———————————————————————–

Released 2017-07-28

Enhancements & New Features

  • Automatic IPD population

    The driver is now able to automatically set an IPD (Implementation Parameter Descriptor) value when a parameterized query is prepared. For more information about this functionality, see “Automatic Population of the IPD” in the ODBC Programmer’s Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/odbc/reference/develop-app/automatic-population-of-the-ipd

  • TRUNCATE statements

    You can now execute TRUNCATE statements when using the driver.

  • Updated Linux platform support

    For Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS distributions, the driver now requires version 6 or 7 of the distribution. The driver no longer supports RHEL 5 and CentOS 5.

Resolved Issues The following issues were resolved in Simba Oracle ODBC Driver 1.1.4.

  • Driver fails to execute queries that use the LIKE operator with a percent (%) as the wildcard character.

1.1.3 ———————————————————————–

Released 2017-04-28

Enhancements & New Features

  • Support Synonym type for SQLTables()

    The driver now supports Synonym tables.

  • Driver-specific error message locale settings

    You can now specify the locale for the driver error messages by using the Locale or DriverLocale configuration options.

Resolved Issues The following issues are resolved in Simba Oracle ODBC Driver 1.1.3.

  • When a query fails due to an invalid DATA_AT_EXEC parameter, the driver later stops responding when attempting to disconnect from the data source. This only affects Linux and macOS versions.

  • When returning octet lenght of NCLOB columns using SQLColAttributes (SQL_DESC_OCTET_LENGTH), valuse returned may exceed maximum expected values.

1.1.2 ———————————————————————–

Released 2017-03-20

Resolved Issues The following issues were resolved in Simba Oracle ODBC Driver 1.1.2.

  • Truncation error with repeated SQLGetData() calls.

    Previously, when making repeated SQLFetch() and SQLGetData() calls with a small buffer, the driver would continue to retrieve characters from the same row, rather than retrieving the first characters from each row. The driver now retrieves the first few characters from the correct row.

  • Segmentation fault in Driver Manager detection on Linux.

1.1.1 ———————————————————————–

Released 2017-02-10

Resolved Issues The following issues were resolved in Simba Oracle ODBC Driver 1.1.1.

  • SQLGetInfo() return wrong value on Catalog related attributes.

  • java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no sbicudt53_64 in java.library.path.

  • Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: setUnsignedBigInt.

1.1.0 ———————————————————————–

Released 2016-10-27

Enhancements & New Features

  • SSL support

    The driver can now connect to Oracle data stores using the Secure Socket Layer protocol.

  • Mapping of FLOAT data type

    To better match the behavior of the Oracle data, FLOAT will now map to the SQL_FLOAT data type.

Resolved Issues The following issues are resolved in Simba Oracle ODBC Driver 1.1.0.

  • When the SQLTables() function is called with the “Table Type” parameter set as SQL_ALL_TABLE_TYPES(%), a SQL_ERROR is returned.

  • If the required DNS value is not defined, the resulting error dialog does not permit the user to enter the DNS information.

  • When converting Unicode characters to SQL_WCHAR and SQL_WVARCHAR, the driver converts some of the characters incorrectly.

  • In some cases, when retrieving LONGVARBINARY data, a SQL_ERROR occurs.

  • In some cases, when retrieving BLOB data, a SQL_ERROR occurs.

  • When converting NCLOB to other data types, the driver returns incorrect data.

  • The driver incorrectly returns ROWID and UROWID values as SQL_CHAR data.

    The driver now returns SQL_WCHAR for these data types.

  • Setting a NULL parameter with SQLPutData causes “Access violation executing location” in subsequent SQLParamData calls.

  • The driver returns SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND when a query is executed with two data-at-exec parameters, including SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC or SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC and SQLPutData.

  • Heap corruption occurs when a string parameter is bound with a column size that is smaller than the string length.

  • Parameter binding fails when SQLBindParameter is called before SQLPrepare.

    To resolve this issue, Auto IPD is now disabled in this driver.

  • When retrieving numeric values with decimals as character types, the driver does not properly NULL-terminate the values.