RStudio Launcher Plugin SDK  1.1.3
A software development kit for creating plugins that work the the RStudio Launcher.
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rstudio::launcher_plugins::api::JobSourceConfiguration Struct Reference

Describes the capabilities and configuration of this Job Source. More...

#include <IJobSource.hpp>

Public Attributes

ContainerConfiguration ContainerConfig
JobConfigList CustomConfig
PlacementConstraintList PlacementConstraints
std::set< std::string > Queues
ResourceLimitList ResourceLimits

Detailed Description

Describes the capabilities and configuration of this Job Source.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ContainerConfig

ContainerConfiguration rstudio::launcher_plugins::api::JobSourceConfiguration::ContainerConfig

The container configuration of this Job Source.

◆ CustomConfig

JobConfigList rstudio::launcher_plugins::api::JobSourceConfiguration::CustomConfig

The custom configuration values supported by this Job Source.

◆ PlacementConstraints

PlacementConstraintList rstudio::launcher_plugins::api::JobSourceConfiguration::PlacementConstraints

The set of job placement constraints which may be set when launching a job.

◆ Queues

std::set<std::string> rstudio::launcher_plugins::api::JobSourceConfiguration::Queues

The set of queues on which jobs may be run.

◆ ResourceLimits

ResourceLimitList rstudio::launcher_plugins::api::JobSourceConfiguration::ResourceLimits

The set of resource limit types, optionally with maximum and default values, which user may set when launching a job.

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