6 Load Balancing and Monitoring

The Job Launcher can be load balanced. It is recommended that you use an active/active setup for maximum throughput and scalability. This means that you should have multiple Job Launcher nodes pointed to your specific cluster back-ends, and have a load balancer configured to round-robin traffic between them.

The ability for the Job Launcher to be load balanced effectively depends on each plugin’s individual design and whether or not it effectively supports load balancing. All RStudio-developed plugins will work properly when used in a load balancing setup, but RStudio cannot provide load balancing guarantees for third-party plugins.

The /status endpoint of the Job Launcher can be used to get the current health status and other connection information. Unlike other Job Launcher endpoints, this endpoint does not require authorization and may be queried by any monitoring or load balancing software to determine the health of a specific Job Launcher node. The status field indicates whether a node is experiencing no issues (“Green”), one or more plugins are restarting or unavailable (“Yellow”) or all plugins have failed and service shutdown is imminent (“Red”). It is recommended that you reroute traffic to another launcher node if you receive a “Yellow” or “Red” status, or if the page fails to load.