C R Package Dependencies

The following is a list of all of the R packages RStudio depends on in some way. None of these packages are necessary for the basic operation of RStudio; they all enable additional IDE functionality as noted in in Features.

This information is also available in the IDE itself using the rstudioapi package as follows:


Note that some of these packages may require a higher version of R than RStudio itself requires; consult the individual package’s documentation for more details.

json <- jsonlite::read_json("../../src/cpp/session/resources/dependencies/r-packages.json")

# extract a list of all the short names of the features
features <- names(json$features)

# begin building a table of information for each R package
packages <- lapply(names(json$packages), function(name) {
  # find a list of all features which use this package
  included <- vapply(features, function(feature) {
     name %in% json$features[[feature]]$packages
  }, TRUE)
  # find the pretty names of those features
  featureNames <- vapply(json$features[included], function(feature) {
  }, "")
  # combine name, version, and features into a list
  list(Name = name, 
       Version = json$packages[[name]]$version,
       Features = paste(featureNames, collapse = ", "))  

# format as a data table and print
deps <- do.call(rbind.data.frame, packages)
deps <- deps[order(deps$Name),]
row.names(deps) <- NULL
Name Version Features
base64enc 0.1-3 R Markdown
crayon 1.3.4 Plumber R APIs, Shiny
curl 4.2 Publishing
DBI 0.8 Database Interface, RSQLite
devtools 1.11.1 R Unit Testing
digest 0.6 R Markdown, Shiny
evaluate 0.13 R Markdown
glue 1.3.0 R Markdown
haven 0.2.0 SPSS/SAS/Stata Import
highr 0.3 R Markdown
htmltools 0.3.6 R2D3, R Markdown, Shiny, Visual Profiling
htmlwidgets 1.2 R2D3, Visual Profiling
httpuv 1.3.3 Plumber R APIs, Shiny
jsonlite 0.9.19 R2D3, Plumber R APIs, Publishing, R Markdown, Shiny, Python/Reticulate, JSON Import, Mongo DB Import, Visual Profiling
keyring 1.1.0 Secret Management
knitr 1.22 R Markdown
later 0.7.2 Shiny
magrittr 1.5 R Markdown
markdown 0.7 R Markdown
mime 0.5 R Markdown, Shiny
miniUI 0.1.1 Shiny Add-Ins
mongolite 0.8
odbc 1.1.6 ODBC Connections
openssl 1.0.2 Publishing
packrat 0.4.8-1 Packrat, Publishing
plumber 0.4.6 Plumber R APIs
png 0.1-7 Python/Reticulate
profvis 0.3.2 Visual Profiling
promises 1.0.1 Shiny
r2d3 0.2.2 R2D3
R6 2.0 Plumber R APIs, Shiny
Rcpp 0.11.5 R Markdown, Shiny, CSV Import, SPSS/SAS/Stata Import, Excel Import
readr 1.1.0 CSV Import
readxl 0.1.0 Excel Import
renv 0.0.0 renv
reticulate 1.10 Python/Reticulate
rJava 0.4-15 JDBC Import
RJDBC 0.2-5 JDBC Import
rlang 0.2.2 Shiny
rmarkdown 1.12 R Markdown
RODBC 1.3-12 ODBC Import
roxygen2 6.0.1 R Package Documentation
rprojroot 1.0 R Markdown
rsconnect 0.8.16 Publishing
RSQLite 2.1.0 RSQLite
rstan 2.15.1 Stan
rstudioapi 0.10 Publishing, Shiny Add-Ins, ODBC Connections
shiny 1.2.0 Shiny
shinytest 1.3.1 Shiny Tests
sourcetools 0.1.5 Shiny
stringi 0.3.0 Plumber R APIs, R Markdown
stringr 1.2.0 R Markdown, Visual Profiling
testthat 2.0.0 R Unit Testing
tinytex 0.16 R Markdown, TinyTeX
xfun 0.3 R Markdown
xml2 1.2.0 XML Import
xtable 1.7 Shiny
yaml 2.1.5 Publishing, R Markdown, Visual Profiling