============================================================================= Simba Athena ODBC Driver with SQL Connector Release Notes =============================================================================

The release notes provide details of enhancements, features, and known issues in Simba Athena ODBC Driver 1.0.2, as well as the version history.

1.0.2 =======================================================================

Released 2017-11-07

Enhancements & New Features

  • Query string is logged at DEBUG level instead of INFO level

    When logging is enabled, the driver now records the query string when the logging level is set to DEBUG or 5. Previously, the query string was recorded when the logging level was set to INFO or 4.

  • Prefixes for log file names

    You can now configure the driver to add a prefix to log file names. The prefix includes the user name associated with the connection and the process ID of the application through which the connection is made. To enable this feature, set the UseLogPrefix connection property to 1. For more information, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Version History ==============================================================

1.0.1 ————————————————————————

Released 2017-10-03

Enhancements & New Features

  • Metadata retrieval improvement

    Driver is now able to retrieve catalog metadata from regions that support AWS Glue as well as from regions that don’t support AWS Glue.

  • Reporting the maximum length of database fields

    You can now specify the maximum character length that the driver reports for the names of catalogs, columns, schemas, and tables. To do this, set the following new advanced options:
    • Max Catalog Name Length (the MaxCatalogNameLength property)
    • Max Column Name Length (the MaxColumnNameLength property)
    • Max Schema Name Length (the MaxSchemaNameLength property)
    • Max Table Name Length (the MaxTableNameLength property)

    For more information, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

1.0.0 ————————————————————————

Released 2017-09-11

  • Version 1.0.0 is the initial release of the Simba Athena ODBC Driver.