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Tutorial - Using Python with RStudio and reticulate#

Using Python with RStudio and reticulate#

This tutorial walks through the steps to enable data scientists to use RStudio and the reticulate package to call their Python code from Shiny apps, R Markdown notebooks, and Plumber REST APIs. The steps in the tutorial include installing Python, configuring a Python environment with packages and reticulate, and publishing a Shiny app that calls Python code to Posit Connect, formerly RStudio Connect.

Connect makes it easy for data scientists using Python to publish their Jupyter Notebooks and call Python code from R content, including Shiny apps, R Markdown Reports, and Plumber APIs.

Tutorial Steps#

  1. Install a base version of Python with pip and virtualenv
  2. Create a Python environment in your project
  3. Activate your Python environment
  4. Install Python packages in your environment
  5. Install and configureĀ reticulateĀ to use Python
  6. Develop and publish your project to Connect