Chapter 7 Billing and Account Management

RStudio offers a variety of free and paid plans for that can accommodate all budgets with a flexible monthly or yearly subscription. Information related to billing and invoicing is available within the Account -> Billing page in the dashboard.

All plans are payable by credit card only. If your organization has a requirement for invoices, we offer an option for the Professional plan only that includes a premium to accommodate the overhead associated with contracts, renewals and invoicing. To inquire about this option, please send an email to .

All subscriptions auto-renew at the end of the subscription cycle. If you would to like subscribe for only one month or one year, you will need to cancel your subscription prior to the start of the next cycle.

7.1 Plan types

There are five plans available, and all paid plans are offered on a monthly or annual basis. The annual plans provide a discount over the 12-month rate, if you know you would like to use for the whole year.

Plan Use
Free Few apps, limited usage
Starter Great for hobbyists
Basic Improved performance
Standard Authentication and scale
Professional Organizational use

7.2 Invoices & Payments

Payments are collected on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the plan that is being used. The billing cycle starts at the time you sign up for a paid plan. You can see the current cycle start date on the Account -> Billing page.

A detailed PDF invoice is available for download on the Account -> Billing page.

7.2.1 Upgrades/Downgrades

An account can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. To change your plan, visit the dashboard under Account -> Billing, scroll to the Plan section, and select the plan you prefer. Upgrades take effect immediately, and if there is a prorated charge amount, it will be charged shortly after the upgrade. Any unused days or months in your current plan will automatically be credited against your new plan.

7.3 Cancellations

If you would like to cancel your paid subscription and return to a free account, you can downgrade to the Free plan within the Account -> Billing page. If you are using any entitlements that are available only on the paid plans, you will also need to:

  • Archive all but 5 applications
  • Archive, or make public, any private applications
  • Reduce the size of your Application Instances to Large or smaller
  • Remove all additional users from the Account (Pro only)

Please note that at this time cancellations take effect immediately and the entitlements in the subscription cycle do not continue until the end of the subscription cycle. In addition, there are no partial refunds.

7.4 Updating billing information

If you would like to update your billing information, for instance to change the billing contact or billing address, you can do so by navigating to the Billing Information section on the Account -> Billing page and choosing "Update Billing".

7.5 Updating payment information

To change your credit card information, navigate to the Payment Information section on the Account -> Billing page and choose "Update Payment".

7.6 Adding members to an account

To add a new member to an account so that they can deploy applications and manage application settings, visit the Account -> Members page of the dashboard, enter their email address, and select "Add User". The user will be sent an invitation to join the account. Only the account owner can add users to an account.

Note that this is distinct from adding a user to an application; if you would like to add a user to an application, see our instructions here.

7.7 Renaming or transferring accounts

You can change the name of your account, or transfer ownership of the account from one email address another, by visiting the Account -> Settings page in the dashboard.

7.7.1 Account rename

To change the name of the account, click the Rename button within the Account -> Settings page. You can select from any name that is not already taken. See section 2.1.1 for information on allowed names.

Important Note: renaming an account will change the URLs for all the applications within your account, which will result in an error when a user attempts to access applications via the old URL.

7.7.2 Transferring an account

To transfer the account ownership from the current user to another, click on the Transfer Account button within the Account -> Settings page. You can transfer the account to any user registered on The user does not necessarily have to have a full account on the service; they may be a user that was invited to access a private application, for example.

Important Note: Transferring accounts is immediate; once you transfer ownership of the account, you will no longer have access to it.

7.7.3 Account Membership

With the Professional plan on you can share your account with up to 25 other users. Within the Account -> Members page you can add additional users to the account by entering their email address and clicking the Invite User button. This will send that user an account invitation which will grant them access to the account after they follow the link in the email.

7.8 Account usage

The Account -> Usage view within the administrative interface provides the metrics for the usage of all your applications over various time periods. The default view displays the usage within the current billing cycle; however, you can change the range to 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month or 3 Months. To read more about metrics, please see the sections on account and application metrics.

You can view the usage of your applications within your account by visiting the dashboard and clicking on Usage under the Account tab.