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Posit End User License Agreement

This page includes instructions for downloading Posit professional products. Download and/or use of these products is governed under the terms of the Posit End User License Agreement. By downloading, you agree to the terms posted there.


The upgrade instructions below only cover upgrading Posit Package Manager on the same server and between supported versions. If you are planning on changing servers or you are upgrading from an older unsupported version, please see the How to Upgrade and/or Migrate Posit Team guide.

Upgrade Planning#

Before upgrading to a newer version of Posit Package Manager:

  • Expect limited downtime during the upgrade.
  • Be aware that users may be unable to install packages during this time.
  • Schedule the upgrade during a low-activity period.

Upgrade procedures#

Now that you have reviewed the Upgrade Planning recommendations, please use the Server Management - Upgrading section to follow the upgrade procedures.