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rspm-offline-downloader get vulns#


Download vulnerabilities files required to run Posit Package Manager in an air-gapped environment

rspm-offline-downloader get vulns [flags]


  rspm-offline-downloader get vulns --destination=[/path/to/destination]

  # download vulnerabilities for cran and pypi
  rspm-offline-downloader get vulns --destination=[/path/to/destination] --types=cran,pypi


      --base-url string         Optional. The base URL to locate files. (default "")
      --concurrency int         Optional. The number of concurrent downloads. Must be greater than 0. Default 500. (default 500)
      --destination string      The destination to download files.
      --dryrun                  Optional. Describe the downloads without saving any files.
  -h, --help                    help for vulns
      --outbound-proxy string   Optional. URL to use for outbound HTTP(s) requests. Values may be either a complete URL or a host[:port], in which case the http scheme is assumed.
  -q, --quiet                   Optional. Run this command with minimal output.
      --types strings           Optional. A comma-separated list of sources. Available sources: cran, bioconductor and pypi. If this flag is not included, all vulnerabilities for all supported sources will be downloaded.

Options inherited from parent commands#

      --cache     Enables caching between subsequent calls to the offline downloader (default true)
  -v, --verbose   Provide additional output