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rspm list requirements#

Command to list system requirements

rspm list requirements [flags]


  rspm list requirements --repo=[repo name] --packages=[comma-separated list of package names] --distribution=[distribution] --release=[release]
    - List system requirements for a repo and a list of packages


      --distribution string   The OS distribution for system requirements. One of 'centos', 'debian', 'opensuse', 'redhat', 'rockylinux', 'sle', or 'ubuntu'.
  -h, --help                  help for requirements
      --packages string       A comma-separated list of package names for system requirements. Use '*' to list all requirements, but be aware that this could take a while to generate.
      --release string        The OS release for system requirements. '7' for 'centos'; '11' or '12' for 'debian'; '15.4' or '15.5' for 'opensuse'; '7', '8', or '9' for 'redhat'; '9' for 'rockylinux'; '15.4' or '15.5' for 'sle'; '20.04' or '22.04' for 'ubuntu'.
      --repo string           The name of the repo.
      --version string        The Bioconductor version to use. For Bioconductor repos only.

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -c, --config string          Path to config file
  -o, --output-format string   Specify the output format 'human' for human-readable output or 'json' for JSON-encoded output. (default "human")
  -v, --verbose                Provide additional output