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rspm create token#


Command to create tokens. The token will be written to stdout. Informational messages are written to stderr

rspm create token [flags]


  rspm create token --scope=sources:write --sources=* --description="Allows all sources"
  rspm create token --scope=sources:write --sources=source1,source2 --expires=20d --description="20 day token"
  rspm create token --scope=sources:write --sources=source1,source2 --expires=5h --description="5 hour token"
  rspm create token --scope=sources:write --sources=source1,source2 --expires=never --description="token that never expires" --quiet
  rspm create token --scope=blocklist:admin --expires=20d --description="20 day blocklist token"

  # escape special character to prevent bash interpretation
  rspm create token --scope=sources:write --sources='*' --description="Allows all sources"


      --description string   The description for this token. Required.
      --expires string       The expiry for the token. Provide a value that specifies units in 's', 'm', 'h', or 'd'. A value of 'never' creates a token that never expires. Defaults to 'never' (default "never")
  -h, --help                 help for token
  -q, --quiet                Output the token only.
      --scope string         Specify the token domain and access, options are: 'sources:write', 'blocklist:admin', and 'blocklist:read'.
      --sources strings      A comma-separated list of source names to which this token will be granted access. Only works for Git and Local sources. Use '*' to allow all sources.

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -c, --config string          Path to config file
  -o, --output-format string   Specify the output format 'human' for human-readable output or 'json' for JSON-encoded output. (default "human")
  -v, --verbose                Provide additional output