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rspm add binary#

Command to add binaries to sources. Supports remote use with API tokens when enabled.

rspm add binary [flags]


  rspm add binary --source=[local or git source name] --distribution=centos7 --path=[package path] --replace
  rspm add binary --source=[local or git source name] --distribution=jammy --path=[package path 1,package path 2,...]
  rspm add binary --source=[local or git source name] --distribution=jammy --file-in=[packages.csv]


  -a, --address string             The address of the remote server. If not specified, the PACKAGEMANAGER_ADDRESS environment variable is used.
      --distribution string        The distribution to use for which the binary was compiled.
      --file-in string             The path to a file containing the packages to import. The file format is one package name per line, no column headers. For curated-cran and local sources.
  -h, --help                       help for binary
      --insecure-ssl-skip-verify   If true, skip SSL certificate validation. This reduces the security that SSL normally provides.
      --path string                A comma-separated list of paths to package files. For local sources.
      --replace                    If a package version or checksum conflict is found, replace the existing package. For local sources.
      --source string              The name of the source.
      --succeed-on-existing        Do not return an error if binary already exists.

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -c, --config string          Path to config file
  -o, --output-format string   Specify the output format 'human' for human-readable output or 'json' for JSON-encoded output. (default "human")
  -v, --verbose                Provide additional output