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Changing RunAs User#

Default Account#

The installer creates a user account and group named rstudio-pm and runs the Package Manager service under this account.

Changing The RunAs Account (Service)#

You can configure Package Manager to run under another account. The steps below serve as a guide for reconfiguring Package Manager to run under an account named thor with a primary group of heroes instead of the default rstudio-pm:rstudio-pm.

  1. Stop the Package Manager service. See Stopping and Starting Package Manager.

    sudo systemctl stop rstudio-pm
  2. Create a new group and user account.

    sudo groupadd heroes
    sudo useradd -r -g heroes -M -s /sbin/nologin thor

    In order to use the CLI tool, a user must be a member of the primary group of the user that starts the Package Manager service.

    In this example, Package Manager is started by the user thor. The primary group of the thor account is heroes, so users must be members of the heroes group to use the CLI.

  3. Edit the service configuration.

    sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/rstudio-pm.service.d/user.conf

    Change these lines:

  4. Change ownership of files and directories.

    # Configuration file
    sudo chown thor:heroes /etc/rstudio-pm/rstudio-pm.gcfg
    # Log files
    sudo chown -R thor:heroes /var/log/rstudio/rstudio-pm
    # Data directory (or `Server.DataDir`, if configured for a custom location)
    sudo chown -R thor:heroes /var/lib/rstudio-pm
    # Run directory (if any)
    sudo chown -R thor:heroes /var/run/rstudio-pm
    # If you have a custom `Sqlite.Dir` (e.g., `Sqlite.Dir = /database/directory`)
    sudo chown -R thor:heroes /database/directory
    # Temporary workspace directory for Git package builds
    # This directory is usually found under `/tmp`. If you use a custom
    # `Server.TempDir`, then it will be found at `Server.TempDir`/rspm-workspaces.
    sudo chown -R thor:heroes /tmp/rspm-workspaces
  5. Change ownership of custom FileStorage directories.

    If you have customized any file storage locations specified in your FileStorage configuration, these directories also need to have the correct ownership.

    # For example:
    # [FileStorage "cache"]
    # Location = /path/to/cache
    sudo chown -R thor:heroes /path/to/cache
    # Repeat for every custom FileStorage location
  6. Edit the Job Launcher configuration (unless running as root).

    If you wish to build Git packages, you may need to update the Job Launcher configuration to build packages under the correct account and group.

    • When Running Unprivileged: When Package Manager is running unprivileged (the default), the Job Launcher automatically runs under the same user and group as the Package Manager service. Skip this step. Using a different account for the Launcher.ServerUser configuration setting is prohibited.

    • When Running Privileged: If you are changing the RunAs user to root, the Job Launcher will automatically use the rstudio-pm user and group to build Git packages, and you may skip this step. However, you may customize the Job Launcher user and admin group by using the Launcher.ServerUser and Launcher.AdminGroup configuration settings.

    sudo vi /etc/rstudio-pm/rstudio-pm.gcfg

    Add or change these lines:

    ServerUser = thor
    AdminGroup = heroes
  7. Remove remaining domain socket file (if any).

    sudo rm /var/run/rstudio-pm/rstudio-pm.sock
  8. Start the Package Manager service. See Stopping and Starting Package Manager.

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload # Reload the systemd process
    sudo systemctl start rstudio-pm
  9. Verify that the rstudio-pm service is running under the thor account.

    ps -axj | grep `id -u thor`
  10. Check /var/log/rstudio/rstudio-pm/rstudio-pm.log to verify that the server started up with no errors.

Using the New RunAs Account (CLI)#

After changing the service RunAs user, your CLI users must be members of the heroes group. For example:

sudo useradd -g heroes hulk
sudo passwd hulk
su hulk
/opt/rstudio-pm/bin/rspm <command>