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Install Posit Connect#

This documentation has moved!

In an ongoing effort to improve the user experience with our documentation, we have begun consolidating some of our documentation into our product guides1. We migrated the following documentation to the Posit Connect Documentation site, and any links to the documentation listed below now redirect you to their new location.

Eventually, we will remove the content from this page and redirect you to the new location, so please update your bookmarks.

Additional information#

Posit Connect can be installed locally using either a Manual Installation or the Setup Tool. Off-host execution installations are available using Kubernetes. The following documentaion is available in the Connect Admin Guide:

  1. is not going away. We are simply moving some of the content into the product guides to help ensure that the documentation is actively maintained and tested, that it is versioned and is accurate for the version of the product that you are using, and to improve search.