Posit Workbench Guides

All of the online help resources, available guides, all documentation for Posit Workbench is available from here.

Latest stable version

Documentation for the current release of Posit Workbench.

All versions

For documentation and installers for previous versions of RStudio/Workbench, please see the Previous Versions page.

If you need the documentation for a specific version, replace the version number in the address with your desired version: https://docs.posit.co/ide/server-pro/<version-number>/

If you are unsure of the version for the address, then do the following:

  • From your server, run rstudio-server version.
  • The output should be similar to the following
2022.02.0+443.pro2 Workbench (Prairie Trillium) for CentOS 7

If you don’t have access to the CLI, view the stable (official) Releases page.

Please verify that the version number matches a previously released version. If you enter a version number that wasn’t released, it results in a 404.

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