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Upgrade Posit Professional Drivers#

Keeping ODBC drivers up to date

We strongly recommend upgrading drivers to prevent security and administrative issues. Drivers should be updated system-wide with at least the same frequency as other Posit products.

Additional steps for using the Oracle database driver

If you are working with the Oracle database, you must install version 19.21 of the Oracle Instant Client. Any previous installation of the Oracle Instant Client is no longer supported and it can be removed if not used anywhere else by the system.

Posit End User License Agreement

This page includes instructions for downloading Posit professional products. Download and/or use of these products is governed under the terms of the Posit End User License Agreement. By downloading you agree to the terms posted there.

RStudio Desktop Pro#

Uninstall and reinstall the desired drivers following these instructions.

Posit Workbench and/or Posit Connect#

Upgrading from RStudio Professional Drivers 1.6.0 and newer#

  • Download and install the .rpm or .deb as appropriate for your OS for the current 2023.12.1 version to replace the previously installed drivers
  • Update the driver entries in /etc/odbcinst.ini to ensure that each entry has the correct version and driver file path, which can be found in the sample /opt/rstudio-drivers/odbcinst.ini.sample
  • Add/modify any other settings for the driver that have changed in the newer version as seen in the sample file

For example, the contents of a sample /etc/odbcinst.ini using the 2021.10.0 drivers is shown next to commented out entries using the 1.6.0 drivers to show the relevant changes that need to be made to the driver entries.

File: /etc/odbcinst.ini
# Old 1.6.0 driver entries - these should be deleted but are commented out as an example
#Driver = /opt/rstudio-drivers/postgresql/bin/lib/
#Installer = RStudio
#Version = 1.6.0
#Driver = /opt/rstudio-drivers/mysql/bin/lib/
#Version = 1.6.0
#Installer = RStudio
# New 2021.10.0 driver entries
Driver = /opt/rstudio-drivers/postgresql/bin/lib/
RStudioVersion = 2021.10.0
Installer = RStudio Pro Drivers
Version =

Driver = /opt/rstudio-drivers/mysql/bin/lib/
RStudioVersion = 2021.10.0
Version =
Installer = RStudio Pro Drivers

Upgrading from RStudio Professional Drivers 1.4.0#

In version 1.4.0, the Professional Drivers were installed using the installer script. Starting in version 1.6.0, the installer script used in version 1.4.0 has been replaced an Professional Drivers are now downloaded and installed using any of the following methods:

  • .rpm packages
  • .deb packages
  • Your system's package manager

In addition to the new functionality provided in this release, these new methods make future upgrades of the Professional Drivers much easier.

We recommend removing existing installations of version 1.4.0 of the Professional Drivers to avoid the accidental use of the wrong version of the drivers in your R and Python code. However, if desired, both versions of the drivers can coexist in the same system and be used without issues.

To uninstall version 1.4.0 of the Professional Drivers, remove the directory that they were installed to.