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Install Posit Team#

Posit Team is a bundle of our popular professional software for developing data science projects, publishing data products, and managing packages.

Posit Team includes Posit Workbench, Posit Connect, and Posit Package Manager.

Posit End User License Agreement

This page includes instructions for downloading Posit professional products. Download and/or use of these products is governed under the terms of the Posit End User License Agreement. By downloading you agree to the terms posted there.

Install on servers or virtual machines#

Step 1. Install Posit professional products#

Step 2. Perform additional configurations and integrations#

  • These configurations and integrations (e.g., TLS/SSL certificates, authentication, high availability, version control, data sources, resource managers, Python/Jupyter) are optional depending on your needs and your unique environment.

Step 3. Configure Posit professional products to work together#

Install in a Kubernetes cluster#

Configure and install using Helm charts#

Next steps#

Learn about user workflows in Posit#


While the exact order of steps listed above will depend on your needs and specific environment, our customers often find it easiest to perform the installation, configuration, and integration steps in the above order.

After you complete the initial installation process for each product, you can perform additional configurations and integrations to meet your specific needs related to security, authentication, data access, version control, and more.