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RStudio Desktop Pro#

RStudio Desktop1 provides the RStudio IDE as a native desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux. RStudio Desktop Professional Edition adds the following enhancements to the open-source version of RStudio Desktop:

  • A commercial license for organizations not able to use AGPL software
  • Access to priority Posit support
  • Tools for license activation and management
  • Access to the Posit Professional Drivers

The Administration Guide for RStudio Desktop Professional Edition provides the steps to install RStudio Desktop and additional administrative information.

  1. You may still find references to “RStudio” in our documentation, and some of those are expected! Several of our open source products will not change, like the RStudio IDE, while our professional products’ names have changed to “Posit”, e.g., Posit Connect. To minimize user confusion, past versions of our professional products will go by their old names until they are no longer supported. For more information about our product names, please see the rebranding blog post