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Depending on the application that you wish to install, by default the following are ports are used by Posit products:


Product Port Notes
Workbench 8787 (HTTP),
443 (HTTPS)
Workbench w/ Launcher 5559
Workbench w/ SSL 80 When Workbench is configured to use SSL, then all HTTP traffic to port 80
will be redirected to HTTPS on port 443.
Connect 3939 (HTTP),
443 (HTTPS)
Package Manager 4242 (HTTP),
443 (HTTPS)
Team - LDAP/AD 389
Team - LDAPS 636
HA Deployments using NFS 2049
HA Deployments using Postgres 5432

Outbound access#


Posit uses wyDay's LimeLM TurboActivate and TurboFloat for license management as an approved part of our software delivery infrastructure. As such, for online license activation, you need to allow outbound access to

If needed, add the port number from where the activation key is being downloaded so it can be added to a safe sites list by your networking team:

Address |
Port | 443

Package Manager#

Package Manager periodically receives package updates from Posit’s online servers.

Installations need to be on servers with outbound access to: