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Thank you for purchasing a Posit license. Below, we have listed links to the license activation instructions for each product.

License activation methods#

Currently, the recommended license activation method for products installed in customer-managed servers is to use license files instead of license keys. Activating your license using a license file is a more robust and flexible solution. Read more about license files in our License File Activation for Posit Products white paper. If you want to activate with a license file but currently have a license key, please contact Posit Support.


If you purchased your product through a marketplace with an offer not explicitly marked Bring Your Own License (BYOL), then your licensing differs from products purchased directly through Posit. Our current marketplaces include:

Please reference our Posit Cloud Marketplace Offers documentation and the sections related to your marketplace of purchase below for server setup information.

Purchases made for Posit Workbench in Google Cloud Workstations or Azure ML platforms continue to use platform-specific license keys.

Posit Team server products#

Posit Workbench#

Posit Connect#

Posit Package Manager#

Other products#

RStudio Desktop Pro#

Shiny Server Pro#

Discontinuation of Sales of Shiny Server Pro to new and existing customers

Starting April 2024, existing Shiny Server Pro customers have one more opportunity for a final one-year renewal (new sales have been discontinued). Please see the Shiny Server Pro Overview and consider migrating to Posit Connect.

Posit products on hosted platforms#

The license-activation workflow for our hosted platform products differs from our traditional on-premises product license-activation workflow. Use the procedures listed below for Posit products hosted on platforms.

Posit Workbench on AzureML#

Posit Workbench on Google Cloud Workstations#

Marketplace Platform Products#

For server setup documentation, please reference our Posit Cloud Marketplace Offers.

AWS Marketplace#

RStudio on AWS Sagemaker#
Posit Workbench in EC2 on an AWS License Manager-controlled license#

Microsoft Azure Marketplace#

Google Cloud Platform Marketplace#

Posit Cloud invoice plan#

  • When you receive your licensing email, your account is activated. Please login to Posit Cloud to access your account.
  • For more information on managing your account, reference the Manage Accounts section of the Posit Cloud guide. professional invoice plan#

Please follow the activation steps below:

  • Identify your current account ID or name. You can find the account name at for the account you want to license.
  • If you don't have a account, first create an account using the free subscription plan.
  • Forward your license email with your account ID to to create a support ticket.
  • Posit Support coverts the free subscription plan to grant full access to the premium features described on the main page.

Additional resources#

If you have any questions related to product licensing, please review the Licensing FAQ for answers to common issues. If your issues persist, please reach out to Posit Support by creating a support ticket.