Step 1. Check the log files

Log files & diagnostic tools

Inspect the content of the RStudio Server Pro service, the Launcher service, the Kubernetes plugin, and individual sessions log files.


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By default, the Job Launcher and its plugins write logs to the system logger. If the service fails to start, check the system log to see if there are any errors, which should help you determine what is going wrong. In general, errors usually result from a misconfiguration of the Job Launcher or one of its plugins. When initially setting up the Launcher, it is sometimes helpful to run it directly from the command line, as opposed to running it via the service. See Running the Launcher for more information.

When running into issues that you are unable to resolve, make sure to enable debug logging for the Job Launcher by adding the line enable-debug-logging=1 to /etc/rstudio/launcher.conf. This will cause the Launcher and all of its plugins to emit debug output. This debug output can be seen on the console (if running the Job Launcher manually in the terminal), or in a debug log file located under the /var/log/rstudio/launcher folder for the Job Launcher service, and under the plugin’s subdirectory for plugin-specific logging.

Check Log Files

Posit Workbench generates log files for each component, including the RStudio Server Pro service, the Launcher service, the Kubernetes plugin, and individual sessions.

You can inspect the content of these log files for any relevant messages to help you determine the underlying cause of the error or issue that you are experiencing.

Server log files

View the contents of the following log files on the server:

  • Workbench service:


  • Launcher service:


  • Kubernetes plugin:


Session log files

If you are able to start remote sessions in Kubernetes, you can also view the logs for individual sessions using the following steps:

  1. From the Workbench home page, click + New Session:

    Workbench Home Page - New Session Button

  2. Start a new session in Kubernetes (you may wish to clear Join session when ready):

    Workbench Home Page - New Session Dialog Box

  3. Click the Info button next to the running session:

    Workbench Home Page - Info Button

  4. In the Session Info dialog box, select the Launcher Diagnostics tab:

    Workbench Home Page - Launcher Diagnostics Tab in Session Info Dialog Box

  5. In the Launcher Diagnostics tab, click the Details link:

    Workbench Home Page - Details Link in Session Info Dialog Box

The resulting page includes the logs from the remote session in Kubernetes:

Workbench Home Page - Session Logs

Diagnostics report

You can use the following command to generate a diagnostics report that includes logs for Workbench and Launcher as well as additional information about your system.

$ sudo rstudio-server run-diagnostics

The output of this command will show a location on disk where you can view the contents of the diagnostics report.

Restart services and test

After reviewing the logs then identifying and correcting any issues, you can restart the Workbench and Launcher services:

$ sudo rstudio-server restart
$ sudo rstudio-launcher restart

Verify that the services are running and try to start a new session from the Workbench home page.

If the services are still not starting or you are still experiencing errors when starting a new session, then proceed to
Step 2 - Verify Installation.

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