Configuring OneLogin for SAML in Posit Workbench

Posit Workbench is a registered app with OneLogin, so Workbench configuration is very simple if you use OneLogin for single sign on (SSO).

Configuration Steps

  1. Navigate to your OneLogin administrator portal.

  2. Under the Applications tab, in the upper right corner, click New App.

  3. Search for and select on RStudio Server Pro (not Connect).

  4. Add the required configuration details (Display Name, Description, etc.) and click Save.

  5. Under the Configuration tab, add the address of your RSP server excluding:

    • http/https
    • no trailing slash

    For example, if the server URL is, then you would use

  6. Under the SSO tab, copy the Issuer URL.

  7. Under the Access tab, add any users you wish to have access to RSP.

  8. Update the Workbench configuration file with the following:

    auth-saml-metadata-url=<Issuer URL from step 6>
  9. Restart RSP by running the following:

    sudo systemctl restart rstudio-server

Any user who has been given access via OneLogin and has been provisioned on the Workbench server, should now be able to login.

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