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How To Guides for Data Scientists#

RStudio is now Posit!

Our professional products have been renamed to Posit Connect, Posit Workbench, Posit Package Manager, Posit Cloud, and Posit Academy so it’s easier for folks to understand that we support more than just R. Please review our Blog post/FAQ to answer commonly asked questions about the rebrand.

These how-to guides provide step-by-step procedures for common beginner and advanced Posit product workflows.


If you are new to Posit, these Basics guides may be a great place to start! It offers step-by-step procedures for common workflows to help you get acquainted with Posit.

Connect your Posit Account

Learn how to connect your Posit account. This guide serves as a prerequisite for several tasks shown below.

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Publish a Jupyter Notebook

Learn how to create and publish a new Jupyter Notebook to Connect.

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Publish a Plumber API

Learn how to create a new Plumber API and then publish your R Markdown document to Connect.

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Publish an R Markdown Document

Learn how to create a new R Markdown document and then publish your document to Connect.

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Publish a Shiny App

Learn how to create a new Shiny application and publish it to Connect.

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Pro Tips#

Our guides are for everyone, but we wrote these Pro Tips specifically for users looking to level up their skills!


Learn how to pin and retrieve a resource on Connect, and schedule updates to Pins so downstream analyses are always current without re-deployment.

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Learn how to use Connect connectwidgets to build a customized landing page to share with your audience.

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