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Professional Product Guides#

Each product has its own set of guides relative to that product, specifically.

RStudio is now Posit!

Our professional products have been renamed to Posit Connect, Posit Workbench, Posit Package Manager, Posit Cloud, and Posit Academy so it’s easier for folks to understand that we support more than just R. Please review our Blog post/FAQ to answer commonly asked questions about the rebrand.

For a list of ports that are used my Posit professional products, see our Networking page

Posit Workbench#


Posit Connect#

Posit Package Manager#

Posit Professional Drivers#

RStudio Desktop Pro#

Shiny Server Pro#

Reflecting the maturity of Connect as a product, and in order to focus our engineering efforts on providing the best experience for our customers in deploying all forms of R and Python data products, we are discontinuing sales of Shiny Server Pro to new customers.