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Evaluate Posit Professional Products#

RStudio is now Posit!

Our professional products have been renamed to Posit Connect, Posit Workbench, Posit Package Manager, Posit Cloud, and Posit Academy so it’s easier for folks to understand that we support more than just R. Please review our Blog post/FAQ to answer commonly asked questions about the rebrand.

Try Posit Team#

Posit Team is a bundle of our three professional products: Posit Workbench (formerly RStudio Workbench), Posit Connect (formerly RStudio Connect), and Posit Package Manager (formerly RStudio Package Manager).

If you’re interested in trying our entire toolchain, please submit your information here and we’ll get you what you need as soon as humanly possible.

Try in your environment#

Additionally, you can also install any of the Posit Professional Products in your own on-premises or cloud-based environment for either trial or production use using any of the methods listed on the Installation of Posit Professional Products page.

Most of the installation methods will start the products with a 45-day evaluation period in which you can make use of their full functionality. During or after the evaluation period, you can activate your installation of the products with a commercial license without having to reinstall or reconfigure the products.