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Published: 01/05/2024

In an ongoing effort to improve the user experience with our documentation, we have migrated Posit Workbench, Posit Connect, and Posit Package Manager requirements, installation procedures, configuration, and integration documentation to their respective administration guides and replaced the content with a shell page1.

Now that all of the content is available in the administration guides, we have completed the following:

  • All product sub-pages/shells were deleted. For example: Deleted pages
  • Each product now has a single page with links to the admin and user guides. For example: Single product page example
  • The previous configuration and integration sections we removed are now available in the Quick Refs section on each product page.
  • Pages that aren't "shells" have been removed from the left nav and are now linked from the single product page.
  • The previous product acronyms in the URLs are now the current product acronyms (rsw/installation > pwb/installation).
  • Added redirects for all deleted sub-pages (if someone had a page bookmarked, the redirect now takes them to the section of the respective administration guide).

  1. These pages provided a brief description and the link to the new location in the administration guides.